" A genuinely unique way to see Canterbury, we combine the thrill of motorbike riding with the comfort of a trike. You can sit back, feel the wind on your face while soaking up the scenery. Perfect for all ages and abilities, guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Choose from one of our three rides… the mountains, the sea or the plains. "

A ride of your dreams



Explore the Canterbury countryside on an exhilarating trike ride

 The Plains


For those with the skills and experience, you can hire our trike and take off on your own. Gives you the freedom to plan your own route at your own pace. New Zealand has a lot to offer the motorcyclist with near perfect riding conditions and terrain. A bond is required to secure the trike.

The Mountains


Our most popular ride. One of our experienced drivers will take you on a ride with a view of the mountains. You can sit in comfort and enjoy the scenery while chatting to the driver. We have a selection of routes available or you can discuss a particular destination with us.

The Sea



A special ride for the young or those who are physically or mentally challenged. Our red Boom has heated seats and a chest harness. You are able to enjoy all the while being comfortable and safe. Our helmets are fitted with Bluetooth intercoms. Enjoy the scenery while chatting to your driver!